How to Clean up Spider Droppings? | A Detailed Guide

The spider’s appearance is not only the thing that bothers you when this insect thrives in your house. It also leaves droppings that can mar the cleanliness of your surroundings. These droppings or poop give a dull and dingy appearance.

How to clean up spider droppings? Dilute a cup of oxygen bleach to a gallon of cool water. Dip a scrub brush into the mixture, then start scrubbing on surfaces with spider droppings. Leave some mixture on the affected area for 10 minutes and after that rinse with a hose.

The droppings or poop of a spider are dry, and they can discolor some parts of your house. Luckily, you can remove them by using affordable and common household items.

The process is straightforward and not laborious. The next thing that you’d like to know is how to identify the spider droppings as they can appear similar to other stains. This article will tell you about it.

What Do Spider Droppings Look Like?

What Do Spider Droppings Look Like

The spider droppings look like splats or drips that are pin head-size. It has a thick, liquid consistency that dries out after some time.

What Color Is Spider Poop?

The colors of spider poop vary from brown, white, gray, and black.

What Is Spider Poop Called?

A spider poop is called nitrogenous waste, which is expelled by their malpighian tubules that function like human kidneys. Spiders can’t lose a high amount of water like humans, so they don’t urinate.

It’s their nature that helps them survive during times when food and water are not accessible.

They only produce uric acid, which is nearly solid and doesn’t dissolve in water. This uric acid from the malpighian tubules is combined with the solid waste released by the digestive tract.

Therefore, spiders don’t give off separate waste and urine but an all-in-one discharge from their anus.

Cleaning Spider Droppings

Droppings from spiders of all sizes and species can be found in houses. They can live and reproduce within human territory and possessions. It’s safer to use oxygen bleach than chlorine bleach to not cause discoloration on surfaces. This is the concern of many as the spider droppings fall on various materials.

How to Clean Spider Droppings From Vinyl Sliding?

The good thing about cleaning spider droppings is that you can easily find the essential items. When doing it on vinyl siding, you have to make a mild solution out of vinegar or dish soap.

Either of these two should be mixed with water. It’s also fine to use vinyl sliding cleaners like Krud Kutter Pressure Water Concentrate and Karcher Pressure Washer Multi-purpose Cleaning Soap Concentrate.

To apply mixture or cleaner, you have to use a microfiber cloth or soft-bristled brush. After application, it’s best to rinse off with a hose.

How to Clean Spider Droppings on Hardwood Floors?

There are many substances that you can choose from in cleaning spider droppings on hardwood floors. They are as follows:

  • Hydrogen peroxide – You’ll need a cotton pad to dip into this substance. Let the cotton pad with hydrogen peroxide sit on the stained surface for 5 minutes. Given enough time, rub the stained area with a cloth before letting it dry.
  • Mineral spirit – Pour this substance into a spray bottle, so you can directly spray it on the stained surface. Rub it with a cotton pad for around 5 minutes to remove the spider droppings. You’ll need to wipe the surface of the excess liquid.
  • Mayonnaise – If you opt for mayonnaise, you need some things like a spoon, rubber spatula, soft cloth, and paper towels for blotting the droppings. You can blot the fresh spider feces with a paper towel. You can skip this if you find dry splotches. Scoop a fair amount of mayonnaise for the removal of the droppings. Let the substance stay for half an hour. Wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Baking soda – It’s tested and proven that baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent. Mix it with water to make a paste. Use a cloth to apply. You have to rub it on the surface to remove the droppings.

How Do I Get Spider Poop off My Car?

Mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle for application. Let it stay on the surface for 15 minutes before you rinse it with cold water.

How to Remove Spider Droppings?

Step 1: Remove the drips and splats with a water hose.

Step 2: Pour a gallon of cool water into a container that is big enough to carry the said amount. Dissolve a cup of oxygen bleach, a safer alternative than chlorine bleach which tends to discolor fabric and harm vegetation.

Step 3: Soak a scrub brush with the mixture that you made. An extension handle can make scrubbing more convenient. Put the rest of the mixture into a sprayer so you can drench the whole area with droppings.

Step 4: Let the mixture soak for 10 minutes, then rinse it off with water coming out from a hose. Repeat the process if it’s necessary.

Is Spider Web a Poop?

Is Spider Web a Poop

As confirmed by the study conducted by experts from the National Library of Medicine, a spider web is not poop. Instead, it’s a great fibrous biomaterial, that is composed of large proteins. It’s also referred to as spider silk, and it has a tensile strength, that is similar to steel.

Moreover, it has an elasticity that is similar to steel. It’s also been discovered that its toughness is three times better than nylon, which is made of synthetic fibers.

Spider web is indeed not a poop since it’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and biodegradable. It doesn’t cause an allergic reaction or inflammation among humans.

Do Spiders Urinate?

Do Spiders Urinate

Spiders don’t urinate as they don’t have kidneys. They instead have malpighian tubes that work like kidneys. Additionally, they emit uric acid that combines with solid waste. These arachnids can’t waste a lot of water, so they’re not inclined to urinate.

Do Spiders Fart?

Do Spiders Fart

This question can be answered elaborately by looking deeply into its digestive system. Most of the digestive activities of the spider’s food occur outside its body.

When a spider captures prey, it injects venom before spitting sputum, which is filled with digestive enzymes. With this enzyme, the skin or the exoskeleton of the prey breaks down.

After the enzyme has broken the prey’s body, or this is the digestive process that takes place outside the stomach, the spider begins to eat. Putting food into its mouth happens multiple times as spiders regurgitate when consuming their food.

This happens because the digestive system of spiders can only handle liquid. Therefore, no lumps are acceptable, and gas is ingested at the same time. With gas as the element for farting, it’s safe to conclude that spiders do fart.

The ingested nutrients pass through the stercoral sac to reach the caeca, where moisture is drawn out before the waste comes out of the anus. There are bacteria in the stercoral sac for breaking down food.

So, gas is present, and this means spider farts. However, further study is needed to confirm this matter.

How to Get Rid of Spider Droppings Naturally?

Lemon or tea tree oil is a way to naturally get rid of spider droppings. Six to seven drops are needed for a quart of water. Besides these oils, you can replace them with vinegar.

Place the mixture in a spray bottle to apply the mixture to the affected surface. Then, use an old rag to wipe the droppings.

What Are the Best Spider Stain Removers?

STAR BRITE Spider & Bird Stain Remover

There are no adverse effects when using this product since it has a non-abrasive formula. It doesn’t have bleach, so there’s a guarantee that it won’t damage the fabric and remove polish or wax. Removal of spider droppings doesn’t require hard scrubbing. Give the formula 30 to 45 seconds before scrubbing. But the second application is essential for stubborn droppings.

YachtGUARD Marine Spider and Bird Dropping Remover

This dropping remover is versatile because it’s effective on various surfaces. Just spray the area that has droppings and wipe it. Despite its reliability in getting rid of the stain, it remains environmentally friendly.

Emergency Strain Rescue Stain Remover

Even though there’s an indication as a remover of spider droppings, this still works wonders and helps you gain the desired result. It’s safe to use on fabric, upholstery, furniture, and auto. Furthermore, it can remove other kinds of stains besides spider droppings. 

The best part about this one is that you can take it everywhere. When you see spider droppings, you can clean them up right away. If you just ignore it, it will become a stubborn stain.


Since spider droppings can cause discoloration, it’s best to apply treatment without delay. If you let it stay for a longer period, you’ll need more time and effort to remove it.

By using the right DIY mixture or cleaner, you can get rid of the droppings. Just make sure that you don’t damage certain materials when doing the task.

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